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Scalp Acupuncture Helps Multiple Sclerosis Into Remission

A new scalp acupuncture clinical case study concludes that acupuncture benefits patients with multiple sclerosis.  The study finds that acupuncture relieves the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, increases the patient’s quality of life, slows the progression of physical disability and reduces the frequency of relapses.

Acupuncture benefits MS patients. Acupuncture for MS Scalp acupuncture was applied to several standard scalp zones: motor, sensory, foot motor and sensory, balance, hearing, dizziness, tremor. Acupuncture was applied once a week for the first ten weeks followed by once a month for the next six treatments. The patient in the study had multiple sclerosis (MS) for 20 years.

After the application of 16 acupuncture treatments, standing and walking improved significantly. There was also a marked reduction in numbness and tingling in the limbs. Overall, the patient showed increased energy levels and reported less dizziness. The patient’s condition went into remission after the acupuncture treatments. At the time the research was published, the patient had been in remission for 26 months.

Hao, Jason Jishun, et al. "Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis With Chinese Scalp Acupuncture." Global Advances in Health and Medicine 2.1 (2013): 8-13.

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