Acupuncture Continuing Education

NCCAOM New Continuing Education Requirements

The NCCAOM now requires acupuncturists seeking acupuncture license renewal to obtain four hours of continuing education credit in the area of ethics and safety. The NCCAOM allows courses in First Aid and CPR to fulfill this requirement. (Historical and Archived Article)

Update: Since the time of this article’s publication, many changes have been made to the NCCAOM’s PDA requirements for acupuncture continuing education. Several other articles have covered this topic as the changes have been implemented. Here is a brief overview of some of the changes.

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CPR can no longer be completed online and now requires full certification. This is usually accomplished at an American Red Cross or American Heart Association (AHA) approved service. This must be accomplished in-person.

Safety and ethics have been divided into two separate requirements, unlike the original combination category. Two safety and two ethics PDAs are required by the NCCAOM. Moreover, the NCCAOM may change this requirement in the future to four of each category. The California Acupuncture Board is expected to add an ethics requirement estimated at 4 CEUs. Keep in touch with HealthCMi news to learn more about updates. Given the historical nature of this particular article, more recent articles will follow ongoing development in licensing requirements for acupuncturists.

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