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licensed acupuncturists fulfill their NCCAOM Diplomate
recertification online at HealthCMi. All acupuncture continuing education online courses are pre-approved by the NCCAOM. Purchase the online course, download the course materials and get a certificate of completion instantly! You keep the course content and you may print the e-book if you wish to make a paper copy. The ebook, in PDF format, is Apple and Windows compatible and is also searchable. The course material is also viewable on iPhones, iPads, and many smart phones. We offer both video and written courses online. Enjoy our affordable courses for you acupuncture license renewal credit!

At HealthCMi, we offer NCCAOM Diplomate online courses pre-approved for general credit and special courses certified for the 4 hour NCCAOM Safety and Ethics requirement. Acupuncturists can obtain acupuncture CEU (PDA) credits required to renew their NCCAOM requirements at HealthCMi. An acupuncture CEU (continuing education unit) is termed a 'PDA' (professional development activity point) by the NCCAOM. We provide high quality courses as a service to licensed acupuncturists in an effort to make the NCCAOM Diplomate recertification process both simple and educational.

Ohio acupuncturists are regulated by the State Medical Board of Ohio. You can check on your license status by using the Licensee Profile Status page provided by the Ohio License Center. This page allows both patients and practitioners to learn whether or not an acupuncture, or other medical license, has been renewed.

At HealthCMi, we offer NCCAOM Diplomate online courses approved for general credit and special courses certified for the four hours of NCCAOM Safety and Ethics requirements.


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