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HealthCMi offers convenient online continuing education courses to help make learning convenient for your schedule.

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HealthCMi offers convenient online continuing education courses to help make learning convenient for your schedule.

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{tab=HealthCMI}HealthCMI provides acupuncture, dental, and nursing continuing education courses online.  Course materials and certificates of completion may be downloaded for instant online continuing education credit. In addition to the fast and easy online experience, continuing education courses are also available by mail and fax by clicking Contact Us .

HealthCMI is a consortium of authors and presenters dedicated to producing quality educational courses.  HealthCMI allows medical professionals to obtain continuing education license credit while at the same time receive valuable educational materials which are useful in a clinical setting.  Courses are presented in PDF format.  This allows all courses to be downloaded and stored for easy referencing.  PDF documents are searchable which enables acupuncturists, nurses, and dental professionals to quickly find medical information as needed.  An advantage to presenting courses in this format is that all computers can read and search a PDF formatted document.  Also, this makes the medical information portable and allows for easy printing of the materials.  Our goal is to make the process of obtaining continuing education credits a valuable experience.

{tab=Acupuncture Continuing Education} Acupuncturists receive instant NCCAOM Diplomate (USA national PDA points) and state approved (California CEUs, Florida CE, Texas CAE) acupuncture continuing education credits for online acupuncture classes. For Canadian acupuncturists, all online courses are CTCMABC approved for Canada, BC.  HealthCMI continuing education certificates are approved for every state that licenses acupuncturists.  Simply download the course, take an online quiz, and receive a certificate of completion.  There is no charge to re-take quizzes as needed - they are provided as learning experiences to enhance the acupuncture continuing education proces.

HealthCMI features both modern and traditional courses for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  Our courses are written in English but also provide the pinyin and Latin names for all herbs presented in course materials.  Acupuncture continuing education courses range from original translations from historical Chinese medicine texts to modern studies including advancements in western medicine.

{tab=Nursing Continuing Education}Nursing continuing education courses online- simply purchase and download course materials, take the online quiz, and receive a certificate of completion for CEUs.  HealthCMI featured courses include a special series on western and Chinese medicine dietetics techniques for the treatment of high cholesterol.  Learn food therapy cures for hyperlipidemia in these valuable nursing continuing education online courses.  HealthCMI offers these very special courses for nurses using the integrative medicine model.  Now, nurses will benefit from the latest western medical information combined with Chinese medicine advancements in the control of hyperlipidemia.