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Thousand Formulas and Thousand Herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Volume Two: Formulas written by Huang Bingshan, Wang Yuxia, Steven K. H. Aung, and Meng Rui is a helpful and insightful herbal medicine book. Published by Heilongjiang Education Press, this book covers many herbal formulas that have not been translated into English in any other work. The pinyin, English name, and Chinese characters for each herb are provided for easy referencing.

I met up with one of the authors, Prof. Huang Bingshan, back in 1990. He came to the United States to present another work that he recently completed with Prof. Steven Aung (professor of medicine at University of Alberta) and Men Rui. That book tour featured Syndromes of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Analysis of 338 Syndromes, another valuable and insightful text. Prof. Huang Bingshan was the vice-president of the Heilongjiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His enthusiasm towards education, research, and traditional Chinese medicine was uplifting.

The text focuses on functions, clinical applications, appropriate dosages, and administration of herbal formulas. It is a large compendium based on national textbooks from China, including Zhong Yao Xue (TCM Herbs), Fang Ji Xue (TCM Herbal Formulas), Zhong Yao Xue Da Ci Dian (Herb Dictionary), Yi Xue Zhong ZHong Can Xi Lu (Reference on Combined TCM and Western Medicine), and Ju Fang Fa Hui (Extended Application of Herbal Formulas).

This is a massive collection of great herbal formulas neatly laid out in easy access chapters. This book is somewhat hard to find, but used book stores may provide availability. This is a straightforward textbook that provides a wealth of information and answers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


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