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Acupuncture CEU Continuing Education Courses Announced

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HealthCMi (Healthcare Medicine Institute) new live webinars and distance learning acupuncture continuing education courses for state CEU and NCCAOM PDA acupuncture license renewal credit are now available. Certificates of completion apply to the entire United States plus Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and more. Live acupuncture webinars feature the ease and privacy of the Zoom platform and acupuncture distance learning courses are available anytime, 24 hours a day, at HealthCMi online.

Prof. Richard Liao, L.Ac. has two new courses on acupuncture points and channels. Drawing on ancient Taoist Dragon Sect teachings, Prof. Liao explores the original meanings and dynamics of acupuncture points, connecting the energetics of each acupuncture point with real world clinical applications. The newest acupuncture courses are the True Meaning of Lung Acupoints and the True Meaning of Large Intestine Acupoints. Along with many Safety, Ethics, and CPR courses, there are many new live webinars that are now available:


Acupuncture Live Webinar 2-28-21 > February 28

Acupuncture Live Webinar #107 > March 7

Live Webinar: Shoulder Pain & Pathologies > March 13

Acupuncture Live Webinar #108 > March 21

Acupuncture Live Webinar 3-28-21 > March 28

Acupuncture Live Webinar #109 > April 11


HealthCMi acupuncture CEU webinars present microscopic pictures of different acupuncture needle brands, COVID-19 updates, and Chinese medicine book reviews. Each online live webinar provides a free eBook with valuable course information and acupuncture research.

Florida CEs and CE Broker

A quick note on Florida Board of Acupuncture requirements, HealthCMi provides automatic submission to the CE Broker portal for all acupuncture continuing education courses. There is a special webpage to help guide Florida acupuncturists toward meeting all acupuncture CE (CEU) requirements. Visit: Florida Acupuncture CE >

For the rest of the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and more, click on the HealthCMi interactive map to learn more about acupuncture continuing education requirements for specific states, provinces, and regions. Visit: Acupuncture CEUs >

Dietetics Courses

Many webinars include Chinese medicine dietetics videos, featuring Prof. Jeffrey Pang, L.Ac. He shares traditional Chinese medicine foods for the treatment of specific conditions. Prof. Pang is a department chair and faculty member at Five Branches University (Santa Cruz, San Jose) and authors Chinese medicine and dietetics online CEU courses at HealthCMi. Two popular eBook distance learning courses by Prof. Pang are Chinese Medicine Dietetics #1 and Chinese Medicine Dietetic Remedies.

Texas Acupuncture CAE Changes

Licensed acupuncturists must obtain a minimum of eight hours of general acupuncture therapy, two ethics and safety, six herbology, and four biomedicine CAEs. The new categorical requirements for continuing education courses are fulfilled by specific acupuncture CAE courses meeting those requirements. Fortunately, HealthCMi provides a special webpage denoting the acupuncture CEU courses that fulfill these requirements. To learn more, visit: Texas Acupuncture CAEs >


In related news, the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) has made changes for acupuncture CEU requirements (1 PDA = 1 CEU = 1 hour). All CPR education courses are now worth 4 PDAs toward the 60 PDA/CEU four year requirement. This value has changed over the years and the current value will remain at 4 PDAs unless another policy change is issued by the NCCAOM.

An important note about CPR PDAs, the NCCAOM accepts automatic submission of all PDAs by acupuncture continuing education providers, except for CPR PDAs. For CPR courses, NCCAOM diplomates can download their certificate of completion from the HealthCMi website and then upload it into the NCCAOM portal. All other courses will already be uploaded for you. This is a special exception for CPR courses, according to NCCAOM policy.

HealthCMi is the first acupuncture continuing education provider to automatically send your PDAs/CEUs directly to the NCCAOM after receiving a certificate of completion. However, the NCCAOM does not accept CPR certificates from any providers and the NCCAOM no longer assigns a PDA number to any CPR courses. As a result, uploading the certificate of completion is done the old way, acupuncturists simply download the CPR certificate from HealthCMi and manually upload it into the NCCAOM online portal. Again, all other courses are sent automatically, which is a real time saver for acupuncturists.

The same NCCAOM requirements for safety and ethics are in effect for acupuncture diplomates. Fortunately, HealthCMi has safety, ethics, and CPR courses that fulfill your acupuncture continuing education requirements. Visit the special safety, ethics, and CPR page to select a course: Safety, Ethics, CPR >

Enjoy Chinese Medicine

HealthCMi live webinars include many other features. Some enjoy step-by-step guidance on how to make topical herbal creams, ointments, and plasters. Others enjoy the latest videos from China on herbal medicine and acupuncture.

The HealthCMi platform for webinars is on Zoom. Acupuncturists and medical professionals enjoy the user-friendly approach of each webinar, especially in the chat room. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to share their personal clinical experiences and ask questions. The Zoom platform is a great way to enjoy communicating and sharing with other acupuncturists around the world.

Certificates of completion are sent to you the same day and no quiz is required for USA acupuncturists for live webinars. Canadian acupuncturists fulfill the two-way feedback requirement by completing a short survey. We look forward to sharing quality acupuncture continuing education experiences with you.


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