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The College & Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA) accepts all HealthCMi online acupuncture continuing education courses. The CAAA requires registered acupuncturists to complete 50 continuing education hours every two years. HealthCMi provides acupuncturist continuing education in three main formats: ebook, prerecorded video and live webinar. Ebook and prerecorded video courses can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These anytime courses have no time limits and can be completed at your own pace.



The Health Disciplines Act for the Province of Alberta reads:

Registration renewal
4 (1) For the purposes of section 24 of the Act, the Registrar shall issue an annual certificate to an acupuncturist registered pursuant to section 2 who has submitted a completed renewal of registration form prescribed by the Minister, paid the applicable fees prescribed by the College’s bylaws, and
(a) within the 2 years immediately preceding the date of submission of the application for renewal of registration, completed 50 hours of educational programs approved by the Registration Committee and has, within the 2 years immediately preceding the date of application for renewal of registration, worked as an acupuncturist for at least 1360 hours, or
(b) if section 24(7) of the Act applies, satisfactorily completed, within the period of time specified by the Registration Committee, the training program or examination, or both, prescribed by the Registration Committee.
(2) The training programs and examinations that the Registration Committee may order an applicant for renewal to take or pass pursuant to section 24(7) of the Act are
(a) a period of practice under the supervision of an acupuncturist for a duration determined by the Registration Committee;
(b) the examination referred to in section 2(1)(b);4

Section 5

(c) a period of additional training including all or a part of the program of studies referred to in section 2(1)(a) as determined by the Registration Committee.

Renewal date
5 The date for submission of an application for renewal of registration for the purposes of section 24 of the Act is January 1st of the year for which the renewed registration will be valid.