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All courses for acupuncturists at HealthCMi are California Acupuncture Board “Category 1” approved courses for acupuncture CEUs with the exception of one course, Acupuncture Insurance Billing #1.  The insurance billing course is the only Category 2 course. All other courses are Category 1. Category 1 designation allows a California licensed acupuncturist to take up to 25 acupuncturist online continuing education credit hours (CEUs) every 2 years at HealthCMi using our 'anytime-instant' online courses. All 50 CEUs may be fulfilled by taking HealthCMi Live Webinars.

Category 1 topics include theory, herbal medicine, acupuncture, western medicine, law and ethics, health facility standards, therapeutic exercise techniques, nutritional counseling, courses enhancing communication skills with patients, public health courses such as those concerning emergencies and disasters, behavioral science courses, patient counseling courses, research based medicine courses relating to acupuncture and  Asian medicine, etc….

HealtCMi offers one Category 2 course: Acupuncture Insuarnce Billing #1.  Category 2 courses are limited to 5 hours of CEU credit every 2 years for acupuncture CEU credit.  Category 2 courses are, according to CA State regulations, “unrelated to clinical matters or the actual provision of health care to patients.”  According to California state regulations this includes courses on practice management, insurance billing, general business classes, Qi Gong, Tai Ji Quan…. The California Acupuncture Board states, “no more than five (5) hours of continuing education may be spent on issues unrelated to clinical matter or the actual provision of health care to patients." Both Category 1 and Category 2 limitations are set by the 2008 California regulation: C.C.R. Title 16, section 1399.483(b)).


Acupuncture CEU Requirements

50 hours of continuing education units (CEU’s) every two years are required to maintain an acupuncture license. 25 CEU’s of the total 50 CEU’s may be distance learning credits, including California Acupuncture Board approved online courses. HealthCMi anytime-instant courses are distance learning credits. HealthCMi LIVE WEBINARS are not limited to 25 CEUs. The full 50 CEUs may be fulfilled using HealthCMi Live Webinars. All acupuncture courses for continuing education credit at HealthCMi are California Acupuncture Board approved.


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Acupuncture licenses expire on the last day of the birth month of the licensee every two years. A license that has expired may be renewed within three years after its expiration by filing an application for acupuncture license renewal with the California Acupuncture Board. After three years of an acupuncture license expiration date, it cannot be renewed.

The California Acupuncture Board requires an acupuncturist to retain records of continuing education courses (Acupuncture CEU’s) for a minimum of 4 years.

The acupuncture license renewal fees by the California Acupuncture Board are every two years. Acupuncturists are required to submit the fee and the California Acupuncture Board application (sent by mail from the California Acupuncture Board) before the expiration date. Since it is illegal to practice acupuncture in California without an acupuncture license, all acupuncturists practicing acupuncture with an expired acupuncture license are subject to disciplinary action. A fee is added by the California Acupuncture Board to the acupuncture license renewal fee if it is not paid by the expiration date.

For acupuncturists with a new license that has been issued for less than two years, the requirements for acupuncture CEUs vary. An acupuncturist with a California license renewal due who has maintained their license for 13-16 months is required to complete 35 continuing education units (acupuncture CEUs). For 17-20 months, 40 acupuncture CEUs are required for acupuncture license renewal. For 21-23 months, acupuncture license recertification requires 45 acupuncture CEUs.

California acupuncturists who have contacted the California Acupuncture Board and have placed their acupuncture license on “Inactive Status” are not required to obtain acupuncture CEUs while the license is inactive but are required to pay a California Acupuncture Board fee per 2 year acupuncture license renewal period. An acupuncturist may maintain his inactive license indefinitely so long as the fee is paid every two years. To reactive the acupuncture license, an acupuncturist must document the completion of 50 continuing education units (acupuncture CEUs) as approved by the California Acupuncture Board. The 50 acupuncture CEUs must be completed within the last two years of the inactive acupuncture license prior to reactivation of the acupuncture license.

HealthCMi updates this page routinely. To receive the latest changes and updates to California acupuncture license information and requirements, visit the California Acupuncture Board website.

California acupuncture license and NCCAOM acupuncture license distinctions:
All acupuncturist courses at HealthCMi are valid for both California Acupuncture CEUs and NCCAOM PDAs (1 PDA = 1 acupuncture CEU). The national N.C.C.A.O.M. license allows for all of the required credits (PDA points) to be completed online whereas the California Acupuncture Board allows only 50% of required continuing education credits (acupuncture CEUs) to be completed online with the exception of LIVE WEBINARS. All 50 CEUs may be taken using LIVE WEBINARS at HealthCMi. Since the California Acupuncture Board requires 50 acupuncture CEUs, the total of online credits are limited to 50% of that which is 25 acupuncture CEUs per two year period. Note that there is a special NCCAOM provision for acupuncture license renewal: A minimum of 15 NCCAOM acupuncture PDAs must be in one of the “five branches of Oriental Medicine” and “four of which must be in ethics and/or safety” according to the NCCAOM. Safety and Ethics courses are available online at HealthCMi. The NCCAOM also requires CPR training every four years.


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