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licensed acupuncturists fulfill their NCCAOM Diplomate
recertification online at HealthCMi. All acupuncture continuing education online courses are pre-approved by the NCCAOM. Purchase the online course, download the course materials, and get a certificate of completion instantly!

At HealthCMi, we offer NCCAOM Diplomate online courses approved for general credit and special courses certified for the 4 hour NCCAOM Safety and Ethics requirement. Acupuncturists can obtain acupuncture CEU (PDA) credits required to renew their NCCAOM requirements at HealthCMi.

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General Information for Pennsylvania Acupuncturists:

Pennsylvania acupuncturists are licensed through two state medical boards. The State Board of Medicine and the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine are both located in Harrisburg and are the governing bodies that oversee acupuncturists. They can be contacted for general information regarding the acupuncture profession. Also, the Pennsylvania Department of State website is a valuable resource for general questions. The Association for Professional Acupuncture in Pennsylvania is an organization representing acupuncturists in Pennsylvania. They sponsor and announce events relevant to licensed acupuncturists in Pennsylvania. They have a paid membership program that offers discounts on purchases from major acupuncture suppliers such as China Herb Company, Lhasa/OMS, Redwing Books, and more.