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Rhode Island licensed acupuncturists get full acupuncturist continuing education credit toward NCCAOM Diplomate and State of Rhode Island acupuncturist license renewal at HealthCMi. All courses at HealthCMI for acupuncturists are NCCAOM approved for continuing education credit for Diplomates and are valid CEU (PDA) acupuncturist continuing education credits in Rhode Island. HealthCMi meets all NCCAOM requirements and pre-approvals prior to publishing courses online. HealthCMi offers many NCCAOM approved courses including courses certified for the 4 hour NCCAOM Safety and Ethics requirement.

All you need to do is purchase the online course on our secure website and download the course materials. You get to keep the course content and you may print the e-book if you want a paper copy. The ebook, in PDF format, is Mac and PC compatible and is also searchable. We also provide live webinars and prerecorded video courses that can be taken at any time. After reviewing the course materials, simply take the online quiz and then download a certificate of completion. We work to provide quality acupuncturist continuing education courses that you may keep and simultaneously use for NCCAOM and state recertification.

General Information for Rhode Island Acupuncturists
The Rhode Island Department of Health, Office of Health Professionals Regulation oversees acupuncture for the state of Rhode Island. They consult with the Rhode Island Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as well as other state and national acupuncture organizations.

You may have a few questions about obtaining your Rhode Island acupuncturist continuing education credits. All HealthCMi courses are valid for Rhode Island acupuncturist continuing education credit and NCCAOM national credit. To take a look at specific provisions within Rhode Island laws and regulations, we have included an excerpt from the Rules and Regulations for Licensing Doctors of Acupuncture and Acupuncture Assistants document. This is a publication from the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Department of Health. In summary, the legal data below requires Rhode Island acupuncturists to obtain 20 hours of acupuncturist continuing education credit every year.



Rhode Island Acupuncture Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Licensing Doctors of Acupuncture and Acupuncture Assistants
Section 7.0 Continuing Education

7.1 Mandatory continuing education requirements for a doctor of acupuncture licensed in this state, shall include, but not be limited to the following:

(a) Each person licensed under the Act, whether or not residing within this state, shall complete twenty (20) hours of continuing education within each annual renewal period (i.e., each year), except during the initial annual renewal period.

(b) Continuing education hours will be accepted by the Department for course work which has been presented, accepted or approved by a nationally recognized acupuncture organization or its local chapter, or any accredited school of acupuncture.

(c) At the time of license renewal, each licensee will be required to attest to the fact of having complied with the above requirements. Course descriptions, proof of attendance or other documentation of completion will be retained by the licensee for a minimum of three (3) years and is subject to random audit by the Department.

(i) Failure to produce satisfactory documentation of completion upon request by the Department constitutes grounds for disciplinary action under the provisions of the Act.

(d) Each person not obtaining the required number of hours of continuing education may have his or her license renewed for just cause, as determined by the Department, so long as the Department requires that the deficient hours of continuing education, and all unpaid fees, are made up during the following renewal period in addition to the current continuing education requirements for the renewal period. If any doctor of acupuncture fails to make up the deficient hours and complete the subsequent renewal period, or fails to make up unpaid fees, then his or her license shall not be renewed until all fees are paid and all the required hours are completed and documented to the Department.