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Kidney Stones, Enuresis, and Kidney Disease

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Kidney stones are hard pieces of material formed in the kidneys due to high levels of minerals in the urine that are not properly excreted. “Kidney stones are caused by high levels of calcium, oxalate, and phosphorus in the urine. These minerals are normally found in urine and do not cause problems at low levels.” [1]

Usual care terms for kidney and urinary tract stones are often the following: nephrolithiasis, urolithiasis, urinary stones. The following is from the Hackensack University Medical Center:

  • Urolithiasis (urinary tract calculi or stones) and nephrolithiasis (kidney calculi or stones) are well-documented common occurrences in the general population of the United States. The etiology of this disorder is multifactorial and is strongly related to dietary lifestyle habits or...

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Sample 2

Chinese Medicine
Lin syndromes generally present with urgent, frequent, difficult, or painful urination. Kidney and urinary tract stones are termed stone lin (shi lin).


  •  low back pain that may radiate to the abdomen or groin
  •  painful or scanty urination
  •  pain of the lower abdomen and groin region
  •  hematuria (blood in the urine)
  •  passage of stones through the urine

Diagnostic Patterns

  • lower jiao (burner) damp heat
  • qi and blood stagnation turns into stone
  • deficiency of spleen and kidney qi

Damp heat kidney and urinary tract stones may be caused by excessive intake of hot and spicy foods, greasy and fried foods, and excessive alcohol intake. In some cases, heart fire transmits to the small intestine. The damp heat may lead to hematuria. For this presentation, the tongue is red and the coating is greasy and yellow. The pulse is slippery and rapid.

Qi and blood stagnation kidney and urinary tract stones may be caused by emotional factors including anger and irritability causing liver qi stagnation leading to fire. The fire in the lower burner and through the liver channel disturbs the kidneys and bladder. The tongue is purple and the pulse is wiry and rapid.

Spleen and kidney qi deficiency kidney and urinary tract stones may be caused by overexertion, long-term fatigue, ...

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Sample 3


  • Needle ashi points on the lower abdomen and back
  • SP6 (Sanyinjiao)

Use strong stimulation techniques on the acupoints. Often, the pain resolves within a few minutes.

  1. SP6 (Sanyinjiao)
    SP6 is 3 cun directly above the tip of the medial malleolus, on the posterior border of the medial aspect of the tibia. Sanyinjiao is translated as 3 yin junction; this point is the meeting of the 3 lower yin meridians. SP6 strengthens the spleen, transforms dampness, spreads liver qi, and benefits the kidneys. SP6 is an important acupuncture point in obstetrics and...

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Sample 4

Herbal Formula
The following herbal formula is effective for expelling urinary tract stones and kidney stones, especially when due to lower jiao damp heat and qi and blood stagnation:

  • Jin Qian Cao 30g
  • Bai Shao 30g
  • Ji Nei Jin 20g
  • Bai Mao Gen 12g
  • Nui Xi 15g
  • Hou Po 12g
  • Zhi Shi 12g
  • Yan Hu Suo 15g
  • Yu Jin 15g
  • Qing Pi 3g
  • Mu Xiang 6g (add last five minutes)
  • Gan Cao 6g

Herbal Formula Chief Herbs
Jin Qian Cao, Bai Shao, and Ji Nei Jin are all used with heavy dosages and they are the main herbs used to expel the stones. The remaining herbs regulate qi and blood and also relax the smooth muscles of the urinary tract.

Cover the herbs with water and leave approximately...

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Sample 5

Nocturnal Enuresis
Nocturnal enuresis is the involuntary discharge of urine at night. It is intermittent urinary incontinence or bedwetting during sleep. The discussion below covers the topic of adult and adolescent bedwetting. Acupuncture and herbal medicine are often effective for resolving this condition, thereby avoiding the need for aggressive medical interventions and associated iatrogenic risks. For a usual care perspective, Cornell University researchers (Department of Urology, Weil Medical College) state the following:

  • Adult onset nocturnal enuresis with absent daytime incontinence is a serious symptom that usually heralds significant urethral obstruction, and a high incidence of...

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Sample 6

Chronic Kidney Disease
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is when damaged kidneys are not able to filter blood properly. Typically, the kidney damage happens gradually over an extended period of time and wastes build-up in the body, which may lead to secondary illnesses.

The kidneys filter excess water and waste from the blood and create urine. They are responsible for balancing minerals and salts (e.g., calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium) that circulate in the bloodstream. Other important functions include producing hormones responsible for regulating blood pressure and producing red blood cells. In addition, the kidneys play a crucial role in...

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Sample 7

Kidney Dietary Recommendations
Reduce consumption of proteins with saturated fats. Reduce sodium and sugar consumption. Increase the amount of carp fish in the diet and drink Chi Xiao Dou soup.

Li Yu Chi Xiao Dou Tang
Li Yu Chi Xiao Dou Tang is a soup that promotes urination and treats dirty water stagnation. Indications include edema, chronic nephritis, leg qi disorder, obesity, water retention due to PMS and liver cirrhosis with ascites. Two important ingredients are carp and adzuki beans, the full recipe is covered:

  • Carp (Li Yu)
    Carp enters the lung and kidney channels and promotes urination. According to Chinese medicine theory, carp is a strong variety of fresh water fish much like shark is considered a strong saltwater fish. Carp appear to have a mustache, have golden-shiny scales, survive outside of water longer than many fish, jump high above the water at high speeds, and can grow to approximately 140 lbs. and 56 inches in length. Carp are representative of the dragon. Bighead carp has a stronger medicinal function than other varieties; however, silver carp is often more widely available while continuing to provide similar medicinal benefits.
  • Adzuki Beans (Chi Xiao Dou)
    Adzuki beans are sweet, sour, neutral and enter the heart and small intestine channels. Chi Xiao Dou promotes...

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