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About the author
Dr. Greg Livingston is an advisor and contributing author for the Healthcare Medicine Institute. Dr. Livingston received his Ph.D. in Chinese Internal Medicine and the Clinical Application of Shang Han Lun at Zhejiang University of Chinese Medicine, China.  He is one of the few westerners to have completed his Ph.D. in Chinese Medicine in China entirely in the Chinese language.  Dr. Livingston has served as a Chinese Medicine Physician at the North American International Hospital, Hangzhou, China. He is a lecturer at Zhejiang University Medical School and is currently a Chinese Medicine Physician at the Shanghai East International Medical Center, Shanghai Pudong.


Table of Contents Part One
Wang Xu-Gao’s 30 Methods for Treatment of the Liver

1. Liver Qi, Eight Methods (gan qi ba fa)
1.1 Soothe the Liver and Regulate Qi (shu gan li qi)
1.2 Course the Liver and Free the Network Vessels (shu gan tong luo)
1.3 Soften the Liver and Regulate Qi (rou gan li qi)
1.4 Moderate the Liver and Strengthen Spleen Transportation (huan gan jian yun)
1.5 Bank-up Earth and Discharge Wood (pei tu xie mu)
1.6 Discharge the Liver and Harmonize the Stomach (xie gan he wei)
1.7 Discharge the Liver and Protect the Heart (xie gan hu xin)
1.8 Repress the Liver and Drain the Lung (yi gan xie fei)

2. Liver Wind, Five Methods (gan feng wu fa)
2.1 Cool the Liver and Extinguish Wind (liang gan xi feng)
2.2 Enrich the Liver and Extinguish Wind (zi gan xi feng)
2.3 Bank-up Earth and Quiet Wind (pei tu ning feng)
2.4 Nourish the Liver and Extinguish Wind (yang gan xi feng)
2.5 Warm the Spleen and Extinguish Wind (wen pi xi feng)

3. Liver Fire, Ten Methods
3.1 Clear the Liver and Discharge Fire (qing gan xie huo)
3.2 Drain the Liver and Facilitate Bowel Movement (xie gan tong bian)
3.3 Clear Metal and Control Wood (qing jin zhi mu)
3.4 Drain the Heart and Clear the Liver (xie xin qing gan
3.5 Enrich the Kidney and Cool the Liver (zi shen liang gan)
3.6 Soothe the Liver and Clear Heat (shu gan qing re)
3.7 Warm and Downbear Liver Fire (wen jiang gan huo)
3.8 Regulate the Network Vessels and Pacify the Liver (li luo ping gan)
3.9 Soothe Depression and Disperse Fire (shu yu san huo)
3.10 Track Wind and Clear the Liver (sou feng qing gan)

4. Supplement the Liver, Seven Methods (bu gan qi fa)
4.1 Supplement the Liver (bu gan fa)
4.2 Constrain the Liver (lian gan fa)
4.3 Settle the Liver (zhen gan fa)
4.4 Supplement Liver Yin (bu gan yin fa)
4.5 Supplement Liver Yang (bu gan yang fa)
4.6 Supplement Liver Blood (bu gan xue fa)
4.7 Supplement Liver Qi (bu gan qi fa)


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Table of Contents Part Two

Chronic Hepatitis in Chinese Medicine

1    Biomedical Fundamentals of Chronic Hepatitis:
2    Liver Profile Tests:
3    Classification of Chronic Hepatitis:
4    Chronic Viral Hepatitis:
5    Features of Viral Hepatitis:
6    Interpretation of Viral Hepatitis Lab Results incl. Hepatitis A, B, and C
7    Autoimmune Hepatitis
8    Autoimmune Hepatitis
9    Chronic Hepatitis in Chinese Medicine
10  Specific Chinese Medicine Theories and Methods for Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis

Specific Chinese Medicine Theories and Methods for Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis:

1    Qi stagnation with blood stagnation in the blood network vessels:
2    Chronic hepatitis of long duration can injure the Liver Yang:
3    CH arises in the Liver, Damages the Spleen, and is Rooted in the Kidneys:
4    Chronic Hepatitis (CH) and the Seldom-Discussed Methods of Supplementing Lung Qi to Bank-up Zheng-Qi, Diffusing the Lung to Dispel Dampness, and Freeing the Bowels to Drain Fire.
5    Discussion of Herbs Effective Against Chronic Hepatitis


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