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The Healthcare Medicine Institute (HealthCMi) is a pre-approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider with the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority (NZASA) and a pre-approved CEU Provider with Acupuncture NZ (formerly NZRA). Upon completion of each online course, HealthCMi provides a certificate of completion valid for claiming CPD credit with the NZASA and continuing education CEUs with Acupuncture NZ (formerly New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists).


A total of 20 CPD hours are required for NZASA practitioners. The NZASA awards CPDs in three categories:

  • Category 1: Ethics (e.g., safe practice, clinic hygiene, advertising guidelines)
  • Category 2: Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbs, dietetics & lifestyle, tuina, moxa, cupping, gua sha, evidence based medicine)
    Please note: this replaces the older "acupuncture" category.
  • Category 3: Other Healthcare (e.g., qi gong, taiji, courses unrelated to clinical matters)

A minimum of 12 CPDs must be in the Chinese Medicine category and 2 CPDs must be in the Ethics category. All HealthCMi courses with Safety or Ethics in the course title are valid for Ethics CPDs.

Check individual course listings to determine the categories relevant to each course. The NZASA stipulations concerning categories brings their CPD process into alignment with the AACMA of Australia. The NZ Acupuncture Standards Authority maintains an official list of Registered Acupuncturists that are eligible to be ACC Treatment Providers. The ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) provides no-fault personal injury coverage for all NZ residents and visitors. Through NZASA membership, providers may receive payment for healthcare services from the ACC.

The NZASA sets ethical and practice standards that are implemented in the registration and certification program. To learn more, download the “Standards, Ethics and Safe Practice” document from the NZASA website. This document covers important topics including ethics, safe practices, and standards of practice. This includes personal conduct protocols, acupuncture points requiring special attention, acupuncture needle management, and electroacupuncture parameters. Note that NZASA membership requires that acupuncturists use only sterile single use disposable needles.

To visit the NZASA:
13 Coyle Street, Sandringham, Auckland


Acupuncture NZ
Acupuncture NZ (formerly NZRA) is a professional organization representing acupuncturists and traditional practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine in New Zealand. Acupuncture NZ members are recognized ACC Treatment Providers. In addition, Acupuncture NZ is a member of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS) and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS). The standard due date for Acupuncture NZ CEUs is March 31st. To contact Acupuncture NZ directly:
PO Box 14106
Wellington, 6241
New Zealand


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Interested in studying acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in New Zealand? Visit the following:

NZ College of Chinese Medicine (NZCCM)
321C Great South Rd, Greenlane, Auckland

The New Zealand School of Acupuncture and TCM (NZSATCM)
382C Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland
157 Willis St, Wellington