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Year of the Tiger – Water Element

year of the tiger 2022

The year of the tiger roars in on February 1, 2022, bringing its bountiful energy, fierce and majestic independence, and enthusiasm. The Yellow Emperor began his reign in 2697 BCE. As a result, it is the Chinese new year 4719 starting on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

The new year starts on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Since this calendar uses both the sun and moon to determine the new year, it is a lunisolar calendar. In celebration, fireworks, candles, and lanterns are ignited to ward off darkness and invite the light.

Tigers are often courageous, confident, loyal, tenacious, and authoritative. Tigers must be careful to avoid isolation and loneliness. In balance, the tiger roams over a large range and maintaining one’s domain and personal space is equally important.

2022 is the year of the dark water tiger. The yin of the water element balances the powerful yang nature of the tiger, making this a special combination. The fixed element of the tiger is wood, producing a combination for growth in the year of the water tiger.

The time of day associated with the tiger is 3–5 am. People are closely associated with the character of the tiger if they are born in the year of the tiger or are born between the hours of 3–5 am (tiger ascendant sign).

This time is very important from a jing-luo medicine perspective. The flow of qi in the channels originates from the lung channel of hand-taiyin and the hours of the lung channel are 3–5 am. This is the beginning of the flow of qi throughout all of the channels.

The tiger is an important symbol of power, intensity, courageousness, and passion. Tigers are ready for action, adventurous, make quick (and sometimes hasty) decisions, and may be capricious. 2022 is a water year, providing a calmness to the tiger’s fierce energetics.


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