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Acupuncture Needle Styles

Filiform and Press Tack


This image shows three body style acupuncture needles and a pack of auricular acupuncture ear tacks. The body style needles are called filiform needles because they are solid, not hollow. The coins are included in the image for size perspective.

The shortest body style acupuncture needle has a wound handle. It is a one use, sterile, stainless steel, disposable acupuncture needle. It is 0.18 mm in diameter. This is also known as a 38 gauge needle. The needle is 13 mm in length.


acupuncture needle image 


The center filiform acupuncture needle is also a one use, sterile, stainless steel, disposable acupuncture with a wound handle. It is 0.22 mm in diameter, also referred to as a 34 gauge needle. This needle is 25 mm in length and is often referred to as a one inch needle. The needle with the plastic yellow handle is a 38 gauge needle that is 25 mm in length.

The needle pack on the left in the rear of the photo contains nine auricular press tacks with one removed and placed beside the pack for a total of ten depicted in this image. The sticky coating on the adhesive backing allows these 1.5 mm length needles to be place on the outer ear or other areas.


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