Acupuncture Continuing Education

Herbal Study: Tonify Qi

12 CEUs

Participants will reveiw in detail the theoretical principles, modifications, and clinical applications for the formula Si Jun Zi Tang - The Four Noble Ingredients (Four Gentlemen).  All herbs are translated into pinyin and latin.  Learn special herbal formula modifications for the effective treatment of hair loss syndromes, hernia disorders, and several types of gynecological disorders.  A section is included with straightforward herbal techniques to effectively lower high LDL cholesterol levels and for the treatment of several heart and vascular disorders.  

This course  also covers the treatment of kidney stones, skin disorders, and fevers with the presentation of clear and easily applicable herbal formulas for use in the clinic.  In addition, herbal remedies for headache syndromes, prostate problems, lung and urinary disorders, and diarrhea syndromes are presented.  Enjoy this very important course that addresses many of today’s difficult and even some life-threatening ailments. Download the course, complete the online quiz, and receive immediate acupuncture license credit.


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Purchase the course and it will be downloaded to your computer in PDF format. PDFs work on both Mac and WIndows operating systems. After reviewing the course, take the online quiz and a certificate of completion will be automatically generated for INSTANT credit. You may re-take the quiz as often as is needed and there is no time limit. If you prefer to receive your course in the mail, click CONTACT US to have the course content mailed to you.


All Licensed Acupuncturists in the USA, Canada, and more
12 NCCAOM Diplomate PDAs (core/AOM-BIO)
12 California Acupuncture Board CEUs (category 1)
12 Texas CAEs (9 general, 2 herbal, 1 biomedicine)
12 Florida Board of Acupuncture CEs (12 general)
12 CTCMA British Columbia acupuncture CEs
12 BCNA & CNPBC (British Columbia Naturopathic Assoc.) credits
12 CAAA Alberta CEUs
12 CTCMPAO (Ontario, Canada) continuing education credits
12 OAQ CEUs (Board of Acupuncturists of Quebec)
12 NZASA Chinese Medicine CPDs (New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority)
12 Acupuncture NZ (NZRA) New Zealand CEUs
12 NS-CMAAC Nova Scotia acupuncture CEUs
12 CMBA CPDs/CEUs (Chinese Medicine Board of Australia)
12 IVAS CEs (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society)
12 California Board of Registered Nursing contact hours
(Massachusetts: applicable towards the acupuncture & herbs requirements)



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Sunyoung 09/10/2023
christie j. 05/11/2023
Great class. learned a lot
William T. 01/29/2023
lots of good herb ingredient info
Carlos H. 12/10/2022
Loved studying one of my favorite formula and its modifications.
Chris J. 09/27/2022
Good review
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