Acupuncture Continuing Education

PID and Chinese Medicine, Part 2

7 CEUs

Enjoy this continuation of the course PID and Chinese Medicine, Part 1. This follow-up course includes a special section on cervical infections, cervicitis, and cervical dysplasia. This course features an additional 14 herbal formulas plus a newly added summary table of the formulas for clinical application purposes. This course is a continuation of PID and Chinese Medicine, Part One and an intermediate level of herbal knowledge is recommended.


Purchase the course and it will be downloaded to your computer in PDF format. PDFs work on Apple Mac, Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, Android and other platforms. After reviewing the course, take the online quiz and a certificate of completion will be automatically generated for INSTANT credit. You may re-take the quiz as often as is needed and there is no time limit.


All Licensed Acupuncturists in the USA, Canada, and more
7 NCCAOM Diplomate PDAs (Core/AOM-BIO)
7 California Acupuncture Board CEUs (category 1)
7 Texas CAEs (3 herbology, 2 biomedicine, 2 ethics and safety)
6 Florida Board of Acupuncture CEs (6 general)
7 CTCMA British Columbia acupuncture CEs
7 BCNA & CNPBC (British Columbia Naturopathic Assoc.) credits
7 CAAA Alberta CEUs
7 CTCMPAO (Ontario, Canada) continuing education credits
7 OAQ CEUs (Board of Acupuncturists of Quebec)
7 NZASA Chinese Medicine CPDs, Category 2 (New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority)
7 Acupuncture NZ (NZRA) New Zealand CEUs
7 NS-CMAAC Nova Scotia acupuncture CEUs
7 CMBA CPDs/CEUs (Chinese Medicine Board of Australia)
7 IVAS CEs (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society)
7 California Board of Registered Nursing contact hours
(Massachusetts: applicable towards the acupuncture & herbs requirements)



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Good review of formulas.
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Very good
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