Acupuncture Continuing Education

Prescription Drug Addiction

7 CNEs for Nurses Only

This course is for California nursing credit only, please see other courses for acupuncture CEUs and PDAs.

The course Prescription Drug Addiction is an important and insightful work covering the mechanisms of addictions, insights on recovery from physicians, family support for addicts, and the relationship of pain management and addiction. This course covers the nature of addiction as a chronic, progressive disease and details concerning the specific prescription drugs involved in abuse are presented. Methods for recovery for the addict and support groups such as friends, family, and medical professionals are presented including treatment options such as medical detox and family interventions. Also, a special section on personal insights into the process of addiction and recovery from several prominent physicians is included in this course.

Simply purchase and download the course material (PDF document), complete the online quiz, and receive 7 contact hours for California nursing continuing education credit.

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Ms. A. 08/29/2019
Thorough and concise!
Anne A. East Lansing, MI 04/05/2012
Informative, clearly stated, inclusive of various approaches advised by experts in the field, useful!
becky r. Santa Monica, CA 06/27/2011
It was very well written.
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