Acupuncture Continuing Education

Webinar Access on the Day of the Event


Check your email inbox. A link to the special webinar platform is sent to you the day before the event and the day of the event. The webinar is not accessed through the website, instead, use the link provided in the email. This is the same link that can be downloaded at HealthCMi after purchasing the course up to two days prior to the event.


Webinar Login Instructions

  • Select "Guest" to enter the meeting (not ‘Member’). Enter your full name when prompted. (A username and password are not required with the “Guest” option.)
  • Next, click the "Enter" button to activate the webinar window. By entering your correct name during login, you are automatically registered for attendance.
  • Please login at least 5 minutes prior to the event. Certificates of completion will be sent via email following the event.
  • For iPhone and iPad users, please download the Adobe Connect App for viewing the course. This should be done in advance of the event.