Acupuncture Continuing Education

Acupuncture Live Webinar #55

4 CEUs, 2-5-19

Live Webinar
February 5, 2019. 8:00 am – 12:15 pm, Pacific Time

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  • Explore important recent acupuncture research discoveries. Highlights include acupuncture for the relief of musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, unique high magnification photography of acupuncture needle qualities, and more.

  • Each Acupuncture Live Webinar is unique and is based on current acupuncture research. Live acupuncture CEU credit is granted for every webinar, there are no prerequisites, and each online webinar is open to all acupuncturists and medical professionals.

  • Attend the live webinar online and a certificate of completion for acupuncturist continuing education credit is emailed to you at the end of the webinar. A quiz is not required for live webinars. Simply attend the online event and a certificate is emailed to you upon completion of the webinar.

  • How to attend the online live webinar event
    Purchase the course to download a link to the webinar. You will be able to watch on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, or other smart device. All that is required is a good internet connection. An email reminder with a link to the webinar will be sent to you before the webinar. In addition, a download document with login and link instructions becomes available after purchasing the webinar. This is a scheduled online live event, which counts as in-person CEU credit in California, New Jersey, and other states. If you would like to take an anytime course, available 24/7, please select a different course.


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Continuing Education Credit
4 California Acupuncture Board CEUs (category 1)
For California L.Ac. - Live Webinar CEUs are the same as attending in-person (unlimited CEUs)
4 NCCAOM Diplomate PDAs (core)
4 Texas CAEs (4 general acupuncture therapies)
4 CAAA (Alberta) CEUs
4 New Jersey Acupuncture Examining Board CEUs (live online, in-person credit)
4 CTCMA (BC, Canada) acupuncture CEs (Category A, survey assessment tool provided)
4 California Board of Registered Nursing contact hours
4 BCNA (British Columbia Naturopathic Assoc.) credits
4 CTCMPAO (Ontario, Canada) continuing education credits
4 OAQ CEUs (Board of Acupuncturists of Quebec)
4 NZASA acupuncture CPDs (New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Authority)
4 Acupuncture NZ (NZRA) New Zealand CEUs
4 NS-CMAAC Nova Scotia acupuncture CEUs
4 CMBA CPDs/CEUs (Chinese Medicine Board of Australia)



Reviews from prior acupuncture webinars

Trina P.
La Jolla, California
A lot of great information with helpful links and downloads to supplement.

Denise D.
Califon, New Jersey
Great way to validate and improve treatment protocols

Margaret P.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Very informative

Lynne V.
West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
The presenter gave many extra pieces of information regarding treatment methods and protocols that were useful.

Erica S.
Redding, California
Interesting content

Christabel T.
Irvine, California
This course did review some interesting studies and I was able to pull some information useful in my practice. Thank you! 

Thomas B. 
Santa Monica, California
This course was great for 2 primary reasons: it was a great review of how to treat some common complaints and it was very reassuring to see the results of those treatments positively supported by science.

Lisa L.
Oakland, California
Very nice to go over research articles. I appreciated this course, with the ability to ask questions and be answered immediately.

Virginia S.
Los Angeles, California
Very helpful

Diane S.
Santa Rosa, California
interesting research, informative and well organized

John C.
Acworth, Georgia
Helpful comprehensive recent research-based application of TCM used commonly in the clinics.

Susan G.
Fairfax, California
The course was very informative and I can use the information in my practice. I like the addition of points to use for the conditions specified. Interesting research articles with useful information and insights.

Demetra M.
San Francisco, California
Enjoyed the course and commentary.

Shana G.
Stevenson Ranch, California
Thank you for the excellent course and moderator. 

Deborah G.
South Berwick, Maine
It is essential that we become familiar with the research if we are to become part of the allopathic health delivery team who will be looking for this kind of information as proof that our services will work!

Jose R.
West Covina, California
Excellent course, I definitely recommend it. Great information, very well organized, structured and delivered.

Denise K.
Los Alamitos, California
A great webinar with new materials to cover every time. This course is simple and convenient. The materials are very informative and useful. I have been using it a few times now and I get to learn something new to share with my patients every time.

Geri G.
Sherman Oaks, California
I enjoyed the speakers' calm clear soothing voice in addition of course to the great presentation. I'm so glad my friend referred me… a very enjoyable seminar. It was good to hear the research on carpal tunnel, shingles, and insomnia. The research on blood pressure and arrhythmias is especially helpful in my practice.

Vanessa C.
Poway, California
Very informative.

Frank C.
Arcadia, California
The presentation of the course material is great, provided useful and valuable information.

Barbara B.
Sonora, California
Useful and interesting research material! Informative. Helpful. Current up-to-date and knowledgeable. Professional, well-researched presentation.

Glenn W.
Los Angeles, California
Always highly informative and excellent presentation of material and latest research

Margaret W.
Ben Lomond, California
I love these classes. It’s easy. The internet part seems to work well. I don’t have to leave home and spend time traveling. They always have something new I would not have learned any other way. I really like the discussion about different needles and the challenges to the profession. And they are affordable and count as “live” for California. Also, it is nice to be able to get the research to show clients.

Barbara R.
Incline Village, Nevada
I love these webinars!!! I do countless hours of education in Chinese Medicine and would take your webinars even if I didn't need the live webinar hours. You guys are awesome!

Shauna M.
San Francisco, California
The course was educational.

Shirley E.
Beverly Hills, California
I very much enjoyed the webinar. The course material was excellent and was presented excellently.

Alex G.
Walnut Creek, California
Great overview of new research and news in acupuncture world, with very relative clinic application suggestions.

Christopher G.
Richmond, California
The info is useful, containing tips relevant to my practice, and it is encouraging to see that a growing body of research is proving what we know is possible from our own clinical experience. It is frustrating for all of us that we cannot treat as often as is done in the studies.

Colleen K.
Petaluma, California
The information provided was done so in a clear manner that followed closely with the webinar material. I also appreciate that you shared links to relevant material, like the article you spoke of linking autism with SSRI use during pregnancy.

Sila S.
Beverly Hills, California
The course was very helpful. The instructor explained very clear the subject. I say excellent and thank you.

Effie C.
San Francisco, California
This course was excellent.

Sharon K.
La Crescenta, California
It was a very informative course. I enjoyed it a lot.

Cathryn A.
Pismo Beach, California
The course covered a lot of material and it was all useful and relevant. I always come away with new information.

Richard B.
Oakland, California
Very comprehensive information that I can use in my practice.

Vincent K.
Belmont, California
Excellent information that helps practitioner improve their practice.

Seajin L.
Glendale, California
It was very practical and helpful.

Danielle V.
Mission, British Columbia
Really enjoyed, great material, very practical knowledge. Loved presenter - calm voice, allows content to be easy assimilated, diverse subjects covered, good overview of topics, excellent choice of articles, meets my goals for this course. Very good overview on LBP, neck pain, diabetic retinopathy, COPD. Loved the extra notes on acupuncture needle quality, food and nutrition. Great presentation, 5 stars on all points.

Phavixay S.
Beaverton, Oregon
The course met its objectives.

Taya S.
Sonora, California
Informative, very well presented in an easy and light, yet in depth and precise way of prioritizing every-day clinical work. Informative, Clinic oriented and helpful!

Gloria N.
Sarasota, Florida
We are fortunate to have access to new research.

Siham M.
Temecula, CA
It is great because articles from well reputed studies are used supporting acupuncture.

Christopher H.
Placerville, CA
Premise and content of articles is good. Great idea to review any published science supporting traditional Chinese medicine. That’s what we need is more familiarity with the evidence base so that we can speak with confidence to patients and other practitioners. Adam focuses on a lot of things I’m interested in—reviewing the research base of TCM with a lot of useful sidebars. And it’s live!

Beth Q.
Capitola, CA
Today’s webinar was my first acupuncture related webinar. I’m very pleased with the content of the presentation. Your work exceeded my expectations. Very useful and thorough information. I will definitely attend future seminars.

Michael J.
Citrus Heights, CA
That was a great class.

Nina A.
Nevada City, California
Great to hear about the latest research on important topics like insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, and low back pain. Very informative and a great resource. 

Mikica M.
Aptos, California
My first time in a Live Webinar with Healthcmi and I am very pleased. I liked the presentation, instructor was excellent, topic very interesting, and I leaned something new. I will come again. Thank you.

Debra H.
Santa Monica, California
Covered a lot of interesting topics. Especially enjoyed section on High Blood Pressure and cell death. Great information! Presenter's voice was clear and easy to understand.

Marti S.
Los Angeles, California
The course met its objective, the instructor was knowledgeable, prepared, and interesting. The material was organized and well communicated, the presentation was excellent and my personal objectives were achieved. I would definitely take another class with this teacher and recommend this class.

Michelle W.
Carlsbad, California
I loved the course material and it was well presented with additional side information regarding needles, nutrition, and CEU changes, etc. I really liked the additional side notes too.

Shayna M.
Stevenson Ranch, California
Clear, concise readily absorbed information conveyed professionally and received easily. It is needed info for acupuncturists to be better informed to give state of the art service to the general public.

Alex K.
Thousand Oaks, California
Very informative. Speaker was very knowledgeable.

Dennis K.
Long Beach, California
Very enjoyable and informative! This was a very interesting and eclectic course which touched upon a number of illnesses for which acupuncture has been proven effective... studies from both Asia and the US were included.

Deyna L.
San Diego, California
Very informative. Thank you!

Debbie J.
Sacramento, California
A thoughtful and interesting instructor who conducts a great class. His expertise and his wealth of knowledge are evident.

Vania S.
San Diego, California
Good citing of research based treatments and approaches

Shi Cun W.
Henderson, Nevada
Informative and beneficial

Jenn A.
Portland, Oregon
I enjoyed the format. I didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed how relaxed and informative it is.

Nadine B.
Tucson, Arizona
The scientific studies provided information that will help better explain the results achieved to a client. The protocols are outlined with good reasoning and are immediately applicable. Looking forward to printing out appropriate studies to offer to clients. Validates treatments and answers the “how it works” questions. The live webinar is a great venue for the ability to also ask specific questions on cases you are finding challenging.

Cynthia B.
Calabasas, California
Great course!!!

Deborah T.
Frazier Park, California
Great information. Very relevant!

Holly D.
Seaside, California
I enjoyed this course. Adam has a way of presenting that is inclusive and it feels like you're sitting with him having a great discussion. He has great knowledge and weaves his practical experiences into the subject matter.

Yami B.
Santa Cruz, California
Really liked the needle info. Also thank you for making these CEU's available. It is so nice not to have to travel to get them.

Connie S.
Redondo Beach, California
Adam always outdoes himself, with pearls of wisdom, and total passion for what he does.

Julian S.
Los Angeles, California
HealthCMI webinar gets my five stars. The instructor is knowledgeable and his research includes information about all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The material was organized and well communicated. The course met its objectives and my personal objectives were met. Adam makes the material accessible and interesting. I feel like I can ask my dum questions ;) Thank you for making these webinars available to us!

Denise L.
Davis, California
It was great!

Greg B.
Granite Bay, California
Good course, interesting material


There are no reviews for this course yet.