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NCCAOM Acupuncture CEUs

Louisiana licensed acupuncturists may obtain all of their NCCAOM Diplomate required continuing education course hours at HealthCMi online. Simply purchase the course, download the reading materials, take a short quiz, and receive a certificate of completion. There is no extra fee to re-take a quiz if needed and certificates of completion are generated instantaneously online!

Our goal is to provide quality, worthwhile courses for licensed acupuncturists while making the acupuncturist license recertification process simple and easy. Enjoy our course offerings and the simple and straightforward NCCAOM recertification process with our online acupuncture continuing education courses. All course materials are Apple and Windows compatible.

In Louisiana, the definition of acupuncture is the following:
"Acupuncture means treatment by means of mechanical, thermal or electrical stimulation effected by the insertion of needles at a point or combination of points on the surface of the body predetermined on the basis of the theory of the physiological interrelationship of body organs with an associated point or combination of points, or the application of heat or electrical stimulation to such point or points, for the purpose of inducing anesthesia, relieving pain, or healing diseases, disorders and dysfunctions of the body, or achieving a therapeutic or prophylactic effect with respect thereto."


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