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A short video on pelvic inflammatory disease and Chinese medicine.
A short video on Chinese Medicine dietetics.
Enjoy the podcast on acupuncture and herbs.


Acupuncture Needle Styles >
Take a look at some of the types of acupuncture needles.
Information on food safety and nutrition is available on the Foodconsumer website.
This is the US governments take on acupuncture. Take a look to see what the perspective is from the government.
This is the WebMD perspective on acupuncture. Take a look to see a mainstream view.



This page features a variety of external resources for exploring acupuncture, herbs, and traditional medicine. Enjoy our links to podcasts, videos, and more. At HealthCMi, we provide a news service. Simply click on the NEWS link at the top of the page to see the latest Traditional Chinese Medicine news and research. The HealthCMi podcast features recent discoveries in acupuncture and herbal medicine. HealthCMi videos often present detailed treatment protocols for the resolution of specific conditions.



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