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At the Healthcare Medicine Institute, we promote the growing of certified organic medicinal herbs, sustainable farming practices, preservation of seed stocks, assurance of purity and potency of medicinal herbs, and protection of endangered flora and fauna.

A licensed acupuncturist usually receives herbal medicines at their clinics in dried, powdered, or granular form. Also, herbs and herb formulas may be packaged as pills and capsules. Below is a look at the herbs in the environment where they grow. Click on an image below to take a closer look.

alum acupuncture BaiWeiCEU BaiZhiCEUs chungenpi acupuncture DangShenCACEUDanShenAcup danzhuye acupuncture dazao acupuncture Deng Xin Ca0 Di Yu Du Zhong Gou Qi Ye Gou Qi Zi Jie Geng Jin Yin Hua Ju Hua Kumquat Luo Lu  Mai Men Dong Mu Dan Pi Pu Huang Wisteria Xian He Cao Xing Ren Yin Chen Hao Yu Zhu Zi Su Ye


The six photos below are from the Jasmine Oberste collection. The following is a link to an educational blog for the non-profit Chinese Herb Garden, a project of the Trust for Conservation Innovation whose mission is promoting the sustainable use of Asian medicinal flora: .


Bai JiBai Mao GenBai ShaoBai Tou WengDa HuangJie Geng



The following news story may be of interest to acupuncturists. It covers recent research into the health benefits of drinking tea.



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