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Massachusetts acupuncturists receive continuing education credit for all acupuncture continuing education courses at HealthCMi. The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine accepts all courses from HealthCMi and all courses are NCCAOM approved.

Herb and Acupuncture Requirements

The Massachusetts Committee on Acupuncture accepts HealthCMi courses toward the 10 hour herbal requirement. For example, for a 15 hour HealthCMi course, simply apply 10 hours towards your herbal medicine requirement. Simply pick a course with herbal medicine content in the description or course example provided. This also applies to the 15 hour acupuncture requirement. All HealthCMi courses involve detailed Chinese Medicine differential diagnosis sections which are directly related to the practice of acupuncture. Also, many courses highlight acupuncture treatments. Get your acupuncture and herbal medicine hours completed online at HealthCMi.

HealthCMi provides acupuncturist continuing education in several formats including eBook, prerecorded video, audio, and live webinar. Ebook, audio, and prerecorded video courses can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These anytime courses have no time limits and can be completed at your own pace.


Take a look at Massachusetts law:

(i) Continuing Education Requirements. All licensees approved by the Committee to use herbal therapy in their practice of acupuncture must have at least ten hours of training directly related to Herbology as part of their 30 hours of continuing education credits. In addition, the licensee must have at least 15 hours of continuing acupuncture education credits directly related to acupuncture. In no event shall the applicant use herbal therapy in his/her acupuncture practice unless the applicant has at least 30 hours of continuing acupuncture education biennially, of which five hours may be indirectly related to acupuncture or herbology.