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HealthCMi airs a live acupuncture CEU webinar on headache and depression relief, featuring acupuncture points proven effective in modern research. This live event is on Sunday, February 25 at 10 am Pacific Time. Participants receive full in-person acupuncture CEU credit in this online webinar. This acupuncture continuing education course is state, national, and international board approved. Explore special acupuncture points and the modern research supporting their use in clinical practice.

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Acupuncture alleviates pain and motor dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Researchers tested two approaches to clinical care with acupuncture. A combination of manual acupuncture plus electroacupuncture produced optimal outcomes. [1]

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Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) accompanied by gastrointestinal dysfunction. A clinical trial conducted by researchers at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine involving 100 AECOPD cases compared the effectiveness of enhanced pharmaceutical care with electroacupuncture plus drug therapy. The results of the clinical trial revealed superior patient outcomes with electroacupuncture. [1]


Prof. Richard Liao, L.Ac. has launched an acupuncture continuing education course featuring all governing vessel (du mai) acupuncture points. The course features every governing vessel acupoint, its pathways, meeting points, and more. This course also features modern research showing the efficacy of specific governing vessel acupoints for the treatment of migraines, asthma, pneumonia, lumbar disc herniations, and more.


Acupuncture and herbal medicine benefit patients with post-stroke aphasia. Researchers determined that patients receiving acupuncture and physical therapy combined with herbal medicine have an 11.57% increase in total efficaciousness over patients receiving only acupuncture and physical therapy. Acupuncture plus physical therapy resulted in an 86.05% total effective rate and acupuncture plus physical therapy combined with herbal medicine prodiuced a 97.62% total effective rate. [1]


HealthCMi presents a live acupuncture CEU webinar for the treatment of anxiety, hypertension, and shen-spirit acupoints on Sunday, February 11 at 10am Pacific Time. Explore acupuncture points supported by modern research that effectively regulate and lower blood pressure. A special section of the acupuncture continuing education webinar addresses shen-spirit points that benefit the seven emotions. Modern research showing acupuncture and Chinese medicine benefitting patients with heart disease and shen (spirit) disturbances is presented.


Acupuncture is an effective treatment modality for headaches due to cervical spine and soft tissue disorders. Today, we cover a variety of research showing acupoints used across multiple clinics that demonstrate results in modern research. We start with both ancient writings and modern electroacupuncture to examine the overall effectiveness of acupuncture for this condition.


HealthCMi presents a live acupuncture CEU webinar for the treatment of neck and back pain on Sunday, February 4 at 10 am Pacific Time. This webinar covers modern research showing specific acupuncture points that increase endorphin levels in patients with lumbar disc herniations. This webinar also shows research supported acupuncture points that alleviate neck and back pain, including neck pain caused by intervertebral disc degeneration.

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Acupuncture promotes health in patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis. Researchers determined that acupuncture significantly increases positive patient outcomes for postmenopausal patients taking calcium supplementation. Acupuncture increases bone density, reduces pain levels, and improves FSH, LH, E2, IGF-1, TNF-α, and IL-6 blood levels.

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Acupuncture treatment assists patients in alleviating pain and actively dealing with accumulated uric acid. The electroacupuncture method was used to treat patients with gouty arthritis (GA). Researchers at the Orthopedic Department of Malanshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital investigated acupuncture and determined that it helps to stimulate acupoints and regulate meridians, thereby strengthening the body’s defenses. [1]

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Acupuncture improves sleep for Parkinson’s disease patients. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and Dalian University of Technology researchers performed a meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials, comprised of 719 patients. True acupuncture outperformed medication monotherapy and sham acupuncture. Based on the data, the researchers conclude that acupuncture improves sleep quality for Parkinson’s disease patients and may improve psychological and behavioral conditions as well.

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HealthCMi is airing a live acupuncture CEU webinar for the treatment of inflammation. This special event is on Sunday, Jan. 28 at 10 am Pacific Time. This webinar covers a variety of current findings in modern research and this webinar focuses on groundbreaking research showing specific acupuncture points proven effective by Harvard Medical School neuroscientists. Explore the anti-inflammatory acupuncture points that prevent disease progression.

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The Year of the Dragon is celebrated on Chinese New Year day (February 10, 2024) and the element for 2024 is wood. The last wood dragon year was 1964. The dragon is the 5th animal of the Chinese zodiac system and its ruling hours are 7–9 am. People born at this time have the dragon as their ascendant sign. The dragon’s polarity is yang, its season is spring, the direction is east-southeast, and the stem is positive.


HealthCMi is airing a live acupuncture CEU webinar on the treatment of knee pain and also for the treatment of fibromyalgia. This special event is on Sunday, Jan. 14 at 10 am Pacific Time. This online course covers recent acupuncture and Chinese Medicine related research. Participants learn important acupuncture points for the treatment of specific disorders based on clinical or laboratory research. The primary focus of the webinar is to highlight recent acupuncture and Chinese Medicine modern research and its relationship to supporting enhancements in patient care.

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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine researchers conclude that acupuncture is effective for the treatment and prevention of atrial fibrillation, especially for patients having had cardiac valve surgery. In a randomized, controlled trial the research team investigated the efficacy of specific acupuncture points and determined that they successfully reduced postoperative pain, nausea, anxiety, and stress and simultaneously reduced the incidence of atrial fibrillation after surgery. [1]


Acupuncture is an effective treatment modality for lumbar disc herniations. Researchers from Haikou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine conducted a clinical trial. They examined 96 cases in a two-arm investigation. Pharmaceutical intervention with physical rehabilitation therapy was compared with routine care supplemented with warm needle acupuncture. The results of the experiment indicate that the addition of warm needle acupuncture significantly enhances patient outcomes for patients receiving drug and physical therapy. [1]


Acupuncture provides relief from COVID-19 by reducing inflammation. University of Pennsylvania (neurosurgery department) and Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine researchers determined that acupuncture alleviates respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, and nervous system disorders associated with COVID-19. [1] In addition, acupuncture was found effective for alleviating fatigue, depression, and insomnia associated with COVID-19.

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Acupuncture is effective for the treatment of myasthenia gravis. Myasthenia gravis is an neuromuscular autoimmune disorder, characterized by weakness in voluntary muscles. Severity varies and the disease affects breathing, swallowing, limb movements, and facial movements. Researchers at the Air Force Hangzhou Special Service Recuperation Center conducted a clinical study to compare the efficacy of conventional biomedicine to warm needle acupuncture. The study shows that warm needle acupuncture resuls in superior patient responses, indicating its potential as a more beneficial approach in managing myasthenia gravis. [1]


Acupuncture is effective for treating post-stroke hemiplegic shoulder pain (HSP). One type of electroacupuncture was discovered to have optimal outcomes. Researchers from the first affiliated hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine conducted a clinical trial using a sample of 105 cases to compare the efficacy of electroacupuncture at various frequencies and wave types. The results of the experiment indicate that the 2 Hz/100 Hz disperse-dense wave yielded superior outcomes. [1]


Acupuncture is effective for alleviating symptoms following percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic discectomy (PTED) in patients with prolapse of a lumbar intervertebral disc. PTED is a type of microdiscectomy surgical procedure, often used for the treatment of lumbar disk herniations, and is associated with reduced blood loss, improved recovery times and rehabilitation, and less scarring associated with more conventional open microdiscectomy procedures.