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Acupuncture Inflammation Relief CEU Webinar

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HealthCMi is airing a live acupuncture CEU webinar for the treatment of inflammation. This special event is on Sunday, Jan. 28 at 10 am Pacific Time. This webinar covers a variety of current findings in modern research and this webinar focuses on groundbreaking research showing specific acupuncture points proven effective by Harvard Medical School neuroscientists. Explore the anti-inflammatory acupuncture points that prevent disease progression.

A special focus is on acupuncture for the treatment and prevention of infections (bacterial and viral), hip necrosis, and uterine adhesions. This live webinar counts as in-person acupuncturist CEU credit in many countries (the entire USA, Canada, New Zealand), states, and provinces. This includes the California Acupuncture Board and the CTCMA in British Columbia, Canada. This online event does not require a quiz because it counts as in-person acupuncture CEU credit.


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There is a text chat room where participants can ask question during the event, which is 10am–4pm PT. The lecture includes modern research, important video materials, and an in-depth look at special acupuncture points and prescriptions for the alleviation of inflammation. We also take a close look at beneficial biological responses that reduce inflammation activated by the application of specific acupuncture points. Join us for this special online event.


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