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At the Healthcare Medicine Institute, we promote the growing of certified organic medicinal herbs, sustainable farming practices, preservation of seed stocks, assurance of purity and potency of medicinal herbs, and protection of endangered flora and fauna. A licensed acupuncturist usually receives herbal medicines in dried, powdered, or granular form. Herbs and herb formulas may be packaged as pills and capsules. Below is a look at herbs in the environment where they grow.


Bai Zhi


Bai Zhi expels wind-cold, removes dampness, clears swellings and pus, and clears the nasal passages.


Dan Shen


Dan Shen is cooling, benefits the heart, and invigorates the blood.


Jie Geng


Jie Geng leads other herbs to the lungs or upper jiao. It also dissolves phlegm and warms the lungs.


Mu Dan Pi


Mu Dan Pi cools heat in the blood and invigorates the blood.


Yin Chen Hao


Yin Chen Hao promotes the water.


Mai Men Dong


Mai Men Dong tonifies yin.


Zi Su Ye

zisuye acupuncture



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