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Acupuncture Event on Anxiety, Depression, & Insomnia

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HealthCMi is airing a live acupuncture CEU webinar on the treatment of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This special event starts Sunday, March 3rd at 10 am Pacific Time. Recent developments in acupuncture research are presented showing the relationship between medical efficacy and specific acupuncture point prescriptions. Clinical and laboratory research, along with Chinese medicine principles, demonstrate modern enhancements in patient care for optimizing results. A special focus is on moving qi circulation to enhance relaxation.

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This webinar is a live event and is accredited by state, national, and international acupuncture boards. From the California Acupuncture Board to the CTCMA in British Columbia (Canada), get your CEU credits at this online live event. This course is approved for every state in the USA for acupuncture continuing education credit (including instant NCCAOM automatic credit) and also many other countries, such as the NZASA New Zealand and Acupuncture NZ. Special Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners credits in subtopics are available at HealthCMi and also for the Florida Acupuncture Board with automatic instant CE Broker credit.

Two-way communication at the webinar is in the chat room. Ask any question at any time in the text chat. Topics include specialized acupuncture treatments that alleviate insomnia and are proven to regulate melatonin levels, the treatment of PTSD and fear, and the alleviation of acute anxiety attacks and long-term anxiety. We even take a look at rare acupuncture points that are extremely effective. Join us for this online event.


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