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Headache & Depression Relief Acupuncture CEU Webinar


HealthCMi airs a live acupuncture CEU webinar on headache and depression relief, featuring acupuncture points proven effective in modern research. This live event is on Sunday, February 25 at 10 am Pacific Time. Participants receive full in-person acupuncture CEU credit in this online webinar. This acupuncture continuing education course is state, national, and international board approved. Explore special acupuncture points and the modern research supporting their use in clinical practice.

This webinar requires no quiz and is completely private, your video and audio are not shared. Two-way communication is through the online chat room. Acupuncturists are encouraged to ask questions and share feedback on a voluntary basis. We strive to make our HealthCMi webinars fun and engaging and look forward to your participation.

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Every HealthCMi webinar is unique and features cutting edge research, ancient Chinese medicine principles, and up-to-date acupuncture and herbal medicine findings. We cover a variety of topics in Chinese medicine and invite you to join us for this webinar. It is easy to access on your cell phone, tablet, or computer. Enjoy this online presentation and sharing effective acupuncture points for the alleviation of both headaches and depression.


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