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Acupuncture CEU Webinar on Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, & Hypertension

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HealthCMi is airing a live acupuncture CEU webinar featuring the treatment of anxiety, hypertension, and fibromyalgia. This live webinar airs on Sunday, March 24th at 10 am Pacific Time. This webinar is acupuncture board approved for every state in the USA, including CEUs from the California Acupuncture Board, Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners, CTCMA (British Columbia, Canada), NZASA & Acupuncture NZ (New Zealand), NCCAOM, and many more.

This live event features three major topics seen across many acupuncture clinics on a daily basis. Modern research demonstrating maximum effectiveness for specific acupuncture points for anxiety, hypertension, and fibromyalgia is presented. An added bonus is a presentation of herbal medicines that benefit the emotions.

This webinar is state, national, and internationally accredited for CEU, PDA, CE, and CAE credit. Certificates of completion are issued for your acupuncture license renewal credit at this online live webinar event. Your privacy is 100% preserved, questions are submitted via a text chat room and your video and sound are not shared. There is no need to take a quiz, HealthCMi live webinars count as in-person acupuncture continuing education credit. Log-in, enjoy the presentation, and get your acupuncture CEUs online from HealthCMi.

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Join us for this live event, we look forward to sharing modern research on acupuncture and the treatment of anxiety, hypertension, and fibromyalgia with you.


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