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All New Jersey acupuncturists receive continuing education credit for all acupuncture continuing education courses at HealthCMi. All courses at HealthCMi are NCCAOM pre-approved for Acupuncturist Diplomate credit. New Jersey accepts all NCCAOM approved acupuncture continuing education courses. This applies to all states with NCCAOM requirements in addition NJ. Simply purchase the online material, take the quiz, and receive a certificate of completion. Enjoy these quality materials for acupuncture continuing education credit online. There is no time limit and quizzes may retaken as needed.

Herbal Medicine Requirement (10 CEUs/PDAs)

HealthCMi courses with herbal medicine content fulfill the Acupuncture Examining Board (New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs) requirements for herbal medicine. Simply choose appropriate HealthCMi distance learning and live webinar courses with herbal medicine content.


Acupuncture Continuing Education Pre-Approved for All

Diplomate of Acupuncture (Dipl. Ac.)
Diplomate in Oriental Medicine (Dipl. O.M.)
Diplomate in Chinese Herbology (Dipl. C.H.)



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Acupuncturists in The Garden State understand value. HealthCMi brings quality acupuncture continuing education content and low everyday prices together to make your acupuncturist license renewal process simple, affordable, and worthwhile. Enjoy our HealthCMi online courses now.

In a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the rules were modified for acupuncture continuing education. The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (State Board of Medical Examiners, Acupuncture Examining Board of NJ) notes that all 30 CEUs may be obtained online at HealthCMi.

The New Jersey Acupuncture Examining Board states the following: "All CEs can be completed online for this renewal due to the public health emergency." This information has been verified by HealthCMi and the NJ Acupuncture Examining Board and is in effect as of 2023. Updates or additional changes may be posted at the NJ Acupuncture Examining Board website:


Acupuncture Examining Board: New Jersey Administrative Code
All HealthCMi courses are compliant with New Jersey administrative code (13:35-9.20) for continuing professional education requirements. The code states:

  • “The provisions of this section shall apply to all acupuncturists applying for biennial license renewal except those seeking renewal for the first time.”
  • “No license renewal shall be issued by the Board unless the acupuncturist confirms on the renewal application that he or she completed at least 30 hours of continuing education.”
  • NCCAOM approved courses are valid in NJ (all HealthCMi courses are NCCAOM approved)


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Free Webinars For NJ Acupuncture Society Members
HealthCMi offers up to four complimentary live webinars for NJ Acupuncture Society members. This offer applies to live webinar events and not to anytime distance learning courses. Click the following button to register for complimentary webinars:

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