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All courses at HealthCMi meet Nova Scotia standards for acupuncture continuing education credit (CEUs). The CMAAC (Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Association of Canada) and the NS-CMAAC require a minimum 15 CEUs every year as prerequisite to membership renewal. HealthCMi online courses may be used to fulfill membership CEU requirements. In addition, ATCMANS (Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Association of Nova Scotia) acupuncturists are welcome to take our online continuing education courses.

If you would like to reach the NS-CMAAC or download forms to renew membership visit: . HealthCMi is officially listed as a source for online CEU training at the NS-CMAAC website.

To contact the Nova Scotia Acupuncture chapter directly: NS CMAAC

NS Chapter of CMAAC 
6066 Quinpool Road
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3L 1A1

Enjoy our online courses in written ebook, video, and audio formats. These courses are available 24/7 featuring instant access to downloadable course materials. In addition, HealthCMi features live webinar events. 


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