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Technology combines Electro-Acupuncture with Heat

Acupuncture Product Review: HT-4

We tested the HT-4 electro-acupuncture device on our workbench and in an acupuncture clinic. The HT-4 delivers both electrical stimulation and heat to the acupuncture needle simultaneously. The Digital Acupuncture Needle Warmer & Electro-Stimulator, model HT-4, is one of the most interesting electro-acupuncture devices to become available with its unique combination of heating and electro-stimulation. We'd like to see this feature in a different model with better surge protection.

It offers point detection and control over amplitude, timing, mode, cycle, and heating. Solenoid controls allow for easy manipulation for up to four channels on this device (each channel has two needles). The modes include continuous wave, disperse-dense wave, several ‘massage’ programs, and a tapping wave. All are variable and allow for fine adjustment. The heating option allows selected channels to have the needles warm up to approximately 113 degrees farenheit. This gives a therapeutic effect similar to that of moxibustion.

In the Clinic

We tested this device in a busy acupuncture clinic and found it therapeutically effective. The controls are easy to use and the unit is not overly large at 10 inches wide although hardly the portable size of the handheld IC-1107 electro-acupuncture unit. The electro-acupuncture unit must be plugged into a wall outlet so the IC-1107 or other battery powered units are more appropriate when an outlet is not available. Our testing finds the unit unreliable and it is not recommended due to surge protection issues. However, the heat feature is a plus and if alternate units with better circuitry are created, it will be an important addition to a clinic.