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Diagrams of Acupuncture Manipulations by Professor Liu Yan is an acupuncture needling technique book featuring everything from basic needling skills to expert acupuncture techniques. The diagrams are simple drawings that clearly delineate the information needed to understand the acupuncture methods presented. The text accompanying the diagrams is written in both English and Chinese making this book accessible to a very wide audience. The text is both clear and concise and is successful in communicating the acupuncture methods and their clinical applications for most of the acupuncture procedures presented.

This is definitely a book specifically designed for practicing acupuncturists. We would like to have seen the acupuncture points labeled with letter-number combinations but only the Chinese characters and English pinyin names are presented. We do like that needling sensations are carefully described along with exact needling methods for each clinical application presented.

There is something in this book for all acupuncturists from the beginning student to the veteran expert. The book starts with very basic acupuncture practice techniques and quickly shifts to many highly advanced methods for treating disease processes. 30 supplementary, 8 strengthening and reducing, 20 complex, 30 penetrating, and 23 types of artistic needling techniques are presented. Finally, the author presents an additional 11 special acupuncture techniques. However, several of the special acupuncture techniques are beyond the scope of an acupuncture practice unless situated in a hospital setting.

A simple, clear, and concise presentation style makes this book an easy read for acupuncturists. This book is well suited for the acupuncturist interested in needling manipulation techniques and varying acupuncture procedures for treating specific ailments. Professor Liu Yan is well respected for his publications and this textbook represents an important effort to teach many important acupuncture approaches to internal medicine. Diagrams of Acupuncture Manipulations makes an important contribution to acupuncture continuing education.