Acupuncture Continuing Education

Acupuncture CEUs Online Opens Discussion Forum announces the immediate release of the Acupuncture Forum, a new way for acupuncturists and medical professionals to communicate. To use the acupuncture discussion board, participants click on the “Forum” menu item at and login. Participants can post new topics and reply to existing topics from other users. It is an interactive open source web environment that allows acupuncturists, Chinese medicine students and medical professionals to ask questions, post insights, review case histories and share professional experiences.

HealthCMi launched the acupuncture forum in a response to requests from licensed acupuncturists. HealthCMi provides acupuncture CEUs for acupuncture continuing education credit and publishes the latest in acupuncture news and research. The acupuncture forum represents a new direction for HealthCMi towards facilitating knowledge sharing between clinicians, students, teachers and researchers.

Most online medical discussion groups are either email threads or plain text user groups. Now, HealthCMi provides a fully interactive webpage forum giving users the power to provide web links, images, file uploads and more. This takes discussion groups beyond posting simple text into a more comprehensive web experience.

Acupuncture CEUs

Users have the option to add avatar images, post topic icons, provide links, upload materials, include emoticons (smiley faces) and quote sections from postings at the click of a button. This makes Chinese medicine communication fun, informative and easy. The acupuncture discussion board has elements of community based social interactivity. Participants can view a list of contributions sorted by username; this provides the option to remain anonymous and a way to identify contributions by authors. There is an option to view postings in an RSS feed and a way to download a discussion as a PDF document. Sharing knowledge is paramount in the medical community. HealthCMi now supports this important and valuable tool for acupuncturists and medical professionals.