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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Goes Food & Beverage

Traditional Chinese Medicine, known for acupuncture and herbal medicine in the USA, enters a new arena of healthy food and beverage production. Tasly Pharmaceuticals (China) and SemBioSys (Canada) have recently teamed to develop and produce healthy living products including nutritionals, beverages and foods made from the oilbodies found in plants. Together, this venture has the capability of extracting and processing the oils and proteins of plants without causing them to denature. This is accomplished with a proprietary system of extraction using a continuous cold system. The cold system creates a more valuable and higher quality state of oils and proteins than is possible using conventional heat and hexane extraction methods.

Tasly Pharmaceuticals, in a joint venture with SemBioSys Genetics Inc., has received all approvals necessary to operate a newly formed company, Tasly-SemBioSys Bio-Pharmaceutical, Technology Co., Ltd. The focus of the joint venture is to develop and produce plant based nutritional and pharmaceutical products. A heavy emphasis is on the research and development of functional foods and beverages based on oilbodies. Oilbodies are structures found in plant cells that contain lipids. Oilboides often contain essential oils, triacylglycerols, phospholipids and the protein oleosin. The following picture is a look at oilbodies in a sample of a plant:

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Tasly is a leading Chinese pharmaceutical company and is China’s second largest producer of Traditional Chinese Medicine products. Tasly has a large research institute along with enormous resources in product development, planting and the manufacturing of Traditional Chinese Medicine products and pharmaceuticals. SemBioSys, based in Calgary, Alberta; brings its cold processing capabilities to the venture.

Tasly is known for its ability to produce insulin from plant based products and for producing the first FDA phase-two approved Chinese herbal medicine pill for the treatment of coronary heart disease, DanShen Dripping Pills. The dripping extract process is one of the purest and most exacting methods for isolating active ingredients from herbs thereby ensuring both quality and safety. Tasly also produces an herbal product containing Chuan Xiong, Bai Shao, Dan Gui and other herbals that is used for the treatment of headaches and cerebrovascular disease. Other Tasly products include herbal extracts, teas, cosmetics, hygiene products, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.