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New Acupuncture MRI Eye Evidence

A new MRI study shows that needling acupuncture point LR3 (Taichong) activates “areas of the visual cortex.” Acupuncture point LR3, located on the foot, is traditionally indicated for the treatment of visual disorders. The researchers note that the “results provide more evidence regarding the credibility of acupuncture therapy” and suggest the need for additional research.

About LR3 (Liver 3, Great Rushing)
Acupuncture CEU Online Courses. AcupunctureLR3 is a Source point, Shu-Stream point and Earth point on the Liver channel. It is located on the dorsum of the foot in the fossa distal to the junction of the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones. It is traditionally indicated for the treatment of head and eye disorders. This research maps MRI responses to needling LR3 and provides empirical evidence that acupuncture benefits vision. LR3 is commonly used for the treatment of menstruation irregularities and general disorders of the lower jiao. One of the chief actions of LR3 is to regulate the Liver Qi, subdue Liver Yang and wind and to benefit Liver Blood and Yin. The four gates treatment, a combination of LR3 and LI4, is a common treatment for the reduction of pain.

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