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Celebrity Athletes Using Acupuncture Update

The October 2007 issue of Sports Illustrated Magazine writes that Morten Anderson, field goal kicker for NFL’s Atlanta Falcons, receives two acupuncture treatments per week as part of his ongoing healthcare program. At age 47, he is the second oldest player ever in the National Football League and is the NFL’s all-time leading scorer. He has set the NFL record with the most games played at over 368 and has scored in excess of a record breaking 346 consecutive games. Other NFL greats to utilize acupuncture include Joe Montana and defensive lineman Michael Strahan. Turning to NBA basketball, Dwayne Wade uses acupuncture for knee and shoulder pain. Other basketball stars using acupuncture include Shaquille O’Neal, Jason Kidd, and Vladimir Radmonovic. In professional golf, Fred Couples is noteworthy for having utilized acupuncture to treat severe back pain.



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