Acupuncture Continuing Education

Delaware Licenses Acupuncture

Delaware now has an acupuncture licensing law regulating acupuncture standards.  The existing 27 acupuncturists in the state will be grandfathered in as licensed practitioners.  A local acupuncturist, the Maryland Acupuncture Society, and the Delaware Medical Society promoted the bill to bring acupuncture as a licensed profession to Delaware. Expect additional regulatory changes in the future. To learn more acupuncture acupuncture continuing education for licensed acupuncturists in Delaware, visit the HealthCMi page on that topic:

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The trend towards licensing encompasses almost every state in the USA. Additinoal provinces in Canada are added every year. In addition, many other countries now have acupuncture licensing laws. Keep up to date with the HealthCMi news department to learn more about breaking news. The laws ensure that only trained and licensed acupuncturists apply acupuncture to the general public. This ensures safety and efficacy for consumers. 

Delaware licensed acupuncturists abide by needle safety regulations. All needles used by licensed acupuncturists are FDA approved as safe medical devices. This is an important reason why licensing laws are important for consumer protection; to ensure that only approved filiform acupuncture needles are applied to patients. Now, patients in Delaware can seek effective and safe treatments with licensed acupuncturists. Delaware now embraces Traditional Chinese Medicine and other forms of acupuncture with an important milestone, an acupuncture licensing law.