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Acupuncture CEUs Announced For Acupuncturists

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HealthCMi announces new acupuncture CEU courses for acupuncture continuing education credit online. This includes live webinars and courses fulfilling specialty distance learning subcategory requirements in states such as Texas, Florida, California, and more. The online courses are international and also provide CEU credits for acupuncturists in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, all acupuncturists in the USA, and much more. HealthCMi provides both anytime distance learning CEUs and live webinars for acupuncture continuing education credit.

Acupuncturists often inquire about face-to-face credit and ask, “Do acupuncture live webinars count for live class credit?” Yes, they do. In states such as New Jersey and California, HealthCMi live webinars fulfill the in-person (face-to-face) requirements of acupuncture boards, including the California Acupuncture Board and the Acupuncture Examining Board (NJ Division of Consumer Affairs).

Another question from acupuncturists in Texas is, “Can I fulfill my Texas acupuncture CAEs online?” Yes, and HealthCMi has a special Texas acupuncture page dedicated to helping acupuncturists fulfill subcategory requirements for the Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners. The subcategories include general acupuncture therapies, ethics and safety, herbology, and biomedicine.

Florida acupuncturists have similar concerns. Florida Board of Acupuncture subcategory requirements are easily fulfilled with HealthCMi online courses. Visit the Florida acupuncture page to learn more.

Starting this year, HealthCMi automatically submits your acupuncture continuing education PDA certificates for NCCAOM diplomates to their online system. This way, when you go to renew your NCCAOM diplomate status, your CEU/PDA certificates will already be loaded into the NCCAOM system for you. This saves time and energy. HealthCMi is the first acupuncture continuing education provide to offer this automated service to help acupuncturists fulfill NCCAOM diplomate PDA requirements. HealthCMi also provides all necessary safety, ethics, and CPR courses online.

All acupuncture CEU live webinars are now on the Zoom platform. Acupuncturists like this platform because it is private, easy to use, and secure. The following are a few of our upcoming live webinars at HealthCMi:

To see more upcoming webinars, please visit the Acupuncture Live Webinar page. One nice thing about live webinars is that no quiz is required. Another is that they feature breaking acupuncture research news and events. To make the educational process more interesting, HealthCMi includes important video shorts on everything from how to make ointments to heal skin disorders to herbal medicine and acupuncture advancements.

HealthCMi is pleased to announce a new and important distance learning course from Prof. Jeffrey Pang, L.Ac. The course entitled Oncology features Pang family herbal medicine and acupuncture secrets for supporting patients with cancer. Acupuncture and herbs are presented for the treatment of emotional trauma, pain, fatigue, nausea, and other symptoms associated with cancer, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Prof. Pang is the herbal medicine and acupuncture department chair at Five Branches University (Santa Cruz, San Jose) and authors Chinese medicine online CEU courses at HealthCMi.

Prof. Liao, L.Ac. features new courses drawing on ancient Taoist Dragon Sect teachings. These courses explore the original meanings and dynamics of acupuncture points and channels. The course entitled the True Meaning of Lung Acupoints connects the energetics of each acupuncture point with today’s clinical needs. The next course featuring the large intestine yangming channel will be available soon. Professor Liao has served as professor of herbology and acupuncture theory at the Academy of Chinese Culture & Health Sciences in Oakland, California. Prof. Liao has also served as faculty at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California.

We have many new courses and even more on the way! We look forward to helping you fulfill your acupuncture continuing education requirements at HealthCMi.


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