Acupuncture Continuing Education

Acupuncture in California, Florida, Texas, New York

How many acupuncturists are in the US?  California (CA) leads the December 2007 count with over 6,680 acupuncturist.  Florida (FL) gets the silver medal with over 1,350 licensed acupuncturists.  Texas (TX) has approximately 680 acupuncturists followed by New York (NY) with 678, Colorado (CO) with 675, and Oregon (OR) with 659 acupuncture practitioners.  Massachusetts (MA) has 573 acupuncturists and Maryland (MD) rings in with 509.   Illinois (IL) has 491 licensed acupuncturists and New Mexico (NM) pulls through with a respectable 416 acupuncturists.  Overall, it is estimated that there are over 17,000 licensed acupuncturists in the US and approximately 4,000+ acupuncture students.  CA and FL have their own acupuncture licensing boards and the NCCAOM offers certifications for all other states that have legislation supporting the licensure of acupuncture.