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Discovery- Acupuncture Regenerates Crushed Sciatic Nerves

Researchers have discovered that electro-acupuncture causes sciatic nerve regeneration. In a controlled laboratory mouse model experiment, researchers found that electro-acupuncture restores motor function and stimulates a rapid recovery. The results also showed that electro-acupuncture assisted in the recovery from “neuropathic pain that develops following a nerve injury.”

Acupuncture CEUs Online. Acupuncture for SciaticaThe researchers note that their results show that electro-acupuncture stimulation promotes sensory and motor nerve fiber regeneration and shortens the duration of recovery times following crushed nerve injuries. The researchers concluded that “electro-acupuncture appears to be a valuable method to accelerate motor recovery and alleviate neuropathic pain symptoms that occur after nerve crush.” The study also concludes that acupuncture is an efficient treatment for pain related to crushed nerves.

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