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Year of the Rabbit



Most recent: Feb. 3rd, 2011 to Jan. 22, 2012
The rabbit (hare) is the fourth animal of the 12 year Chinese zodiac cycle. The rabbit direction is east, the season is spring and the ruling hours are between 5am and 7am. The rabbit’s fixed element is wood and the rabbit is said to be a Yin sign. The rabbit is gracious, amiable, and rabbits make good friends. Rabbits are know to be sensitive, kind, and even tender. However, rabbits can also be moody, stubborn, and appear to be impervious to the opinions of others while inwardly cringing from criticism. At worst, rabbits may be self-indulgent and cling to material comforts and superficiality.

The rabbit is the embodiment of graciousness, good manners, and sensitivity to beauty. Rabbits are dependable for counsel and make good diplomats. Rabbits have a tendency to be elegant, soft-spoken, and enjoy peaceful environments. Rabbits are known to be gifted artists, excel in scholarly works, and prosper in the fields of law, government, and research. Many rabbits are lucky in business and finance because they are clever and seek compromises rather than cling to confrontations leading to fights. Interestingly, rabbits may be both self-assured and yet shy. Most of all, rabbits are compassionate and dislike hostility.

Famous rabbits:
Albert Einstein, Frank Sinatra, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Whitney Houston

Fun rabbit facts:
A male rabbit is a buck, a female rabbit is a doe and a baby rabbit is a kit. A group of rabbits is a herd and herds live in warrens. Technically, rabbits are lagomorphs and they sweat through the pads on their feet. Rabbits have 28 teeth that never cease to grow.


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