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Year of the Wood Dragon

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The Year of the Dragon is celebrated on Chinese New Year day (February 10, 2024). The element for 2024 is wood. The last wood dragon year was 1964. The dragon is the 5th animal of the Chinese zodiac system and its ruling hours are 7–9 am. People born at this time have the dragon as their ascendant sign. The dragon’s polarity is yang, its season is spring, the direction is east-southeast, and the stem is positive.

The Dates

The dates of Chinese astrology are based on lunisolar patterns. First, there is the very first day of the wood dragon year on February 4, 2024, called Start of Spring day. This is marked by the sun’s position at the 315th degree of the tropical zodiac (an ecliptic coordinate system). Chinese New Year’s day follows, which is the 1st lunar day of the 1st lunar month in the Chinese calendar. In China, the new moon is on February 10, 2024; however, it also occurs on February 9, 2024 Pacific Time. Technically, the beginning of Chinese New Year’s day is on both of these time zone delineations. Finally, there is the Lantern Festival, occurring on the 15th day of the 1st month in the Chinese lunisolar year. It the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations and occurs during the full moon.

Dragon Astrology

The dragon is considered a lucky sign and is a sign associated with wealth, power, courage, wisdom, enthusiasm, and respect. Dragons maintain standards of excellence, confidently strive for success, and are filled with energy. Dragons are often leaders and are charismatic. Dragons often aspire to greatness, often through perseverance.


In Chinese cosmology, the dragon brings rain, regulates wind, communicates with heaven and earth, and brings prosperity and abundance to the world. The dragon dance, performed since the Han Dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE), is part of the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). Dragon dances bring good luck and are usually performed from Chinese New Year's day to the Lantern Festival.

The Wood Element

The wood element imparts the powers of growth and springtime. In traditional Chinese medicine, wood is associated with the 12–14 primary acupuncture channels, green, wind, sour, east, eyes, tendons, tears, anger, and shouting. The associated zang-fu organs are the liver and gallbladder. The wood dragon is an excellent year for planting something new—a time for new beginnings.

Famous Wood Dragons

Famous people born in the Year of the Wood Dragon: Salvador Dali, Lenny Kravitz, Jack Ma, Sandra Bullock, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Keanu Reeves