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Year of the Pig

year of the pig

The year of the pig officially begins on the Start of Spring Day, which is February 4, 2019 (11:15am Beijing Time). Start of Spring Day is based on the sun’s position at the 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. 

The Chinese new year day celebration is based on the new moon day of the first Chinese lunar month, which is February 5, 2019 (5:04am Beijing Time). Converted to USA Pacific Time, the new moon lands on February 4, 2019. The Chinese new year celebration is often called the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, referencing the beginning of springtime.

2019 heralds in the last of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, the pig. In China, this is the year 4,716. The year of the pig is also known in some regions as the year of the boar (e.g. Tibet, Japan).

The pig’s fixed five element sign is water (shui) and the pig is inherently a yin sign. However, each calendar year also corresponds to a specific five element designation. 2019 is the year of the earth pig, which is also referred to as the brown or yellow pig. Each of the five elements is associated with a pig year, in a repeating 60 year cycle: 

  • The earth pig years are 1959 and 2019
  • The metal pig years are 1911, 1971 and 2031
  • The water pig years are 1923, 1983 and 2043
  • The wood pig years are 1935 and 1995
  • The fire pig years are 1947 and 2007

The pig time of day is between 9–11 pm. People born in this two hour segment have the pig as their ascendent sign and therefore share pig qualities or have a great affinity for people born in the year of the pig. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) internal organ clock theory, 9–11 pm is the hand shaoyang sanjiao (triple burner) time of day.

This Chinese zodiac sign is associated with generosity, optimism, congeniality, and considerateness. The pig enjoys simplicity, the company of others, and cultivates friendships. The pig is said to have a pure heart and is honest. The pig’s credibility allows for bringing others together.

Pigs like to sleep and eat and do not conspire to harm others. Some might say the pig is lazy, while others say the pig simply enjoys the good things in life. The pig is greatly attracted to pleasure and loves entertainment. Pigs are said to bring affluence to others; the pig is a symbol of wealth. People born under the pig sign are said to share their every possession with you; however, they expect the same and will help themselves to all that is yours as well.

Pigs are hard-working, have great endurance, and possess great inner strength. They are gallant and have tremendous fortitude.

The thick-skinned pig and is able to overlook minor transgressions and some interpret the pig as naïve for this very reason. Perhaps, it is because the pig loves the company others or because the pig is inherently calm and has great patience. The pig willingly overlooks minor betrayals for the sake of promoting friendships and universal harmony; however, the pig may become a powerful opponent if driven to extremes. Yes, the pig may be short-tempered at times, but prefers to let bygones be bygones. The pig is known for understanding.


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